CITRADES SUMMARY was started by a group of highly accredited wall street brokers who wanted to bring everyone in the world an easy way to invest with an educational and no stress platform. Driven to educate their clients with a full array of material they became well known for their private webinars and VIP one on one sessions.


Lets face the fact, most of the technology behind binaries are the same, can make a trader with no experience make thousands of dollars a day in a single day. The support team at Citrades is speechless. Citrades is highly recommended as the top trading platform in 2014.
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Being new, I really appreciate the Live Chat feature, which granted me immediate access to expert advice from their support team. Trading can be quite scary and confusing but their experts have managed to answer all my questions diligently.
Pros: Provided good expert advice for novice traders. Citrades gave me instant access to their support team.
Cons: Hard to take advantage of their bonuses due to their high requirements.
Chris Stokes, USA

I give Citrades an A+ for their trading platform. Everything that I needed to know in order to learn was explained on their platform. Best Binary Platform I have seen yet.
Pros: They have a good support team to back up their operations. Well explained and user friendly trading platform.
Cons: High service fees for withdrawal made more than once a month.
Brian Gibson, New Zealand

Great reliable broker, I have used Citrades for over a year now and they have paid me in full every month without any hesitations. I just wish the market were more predictable.
Pros: Reliable with straightforward procedures for withdrawal of profits.
Cons: Their Signal Service “free for lifetime” is only 8 signals a day.
Henry Jones, USA

Being a novice trader, I find that their user-friendly trading platform helped me learn about Binary Options Education tremendously. I also like the brokers expert advice about the market which had helped me get as much as 85% returns on my investments.
Pros: Great user friendly trading Platform with high returns!
Cons: none I suppose.
Frank Richmond, UK

Overall I'm extremely happy with Citrades. I've traded before with a few other firms and had issues withdrawing money, reaching customer support and actually winning trades but at Citrades, I've managed to use the tools I was given in my favor from my account manager...
Pros: Live feeds (v. important), their representatives know what they're talking about.
Cons: Bonuses do not exceed 100%
Martine, USA